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Honoring Jack Schwencke

In 1956, Jack Schwencke, with Dick and Bob Ross, and Jay White, developed and founded the Village of North Palm Beach.  On May 9, 2012, Mr. Schwencke passed away at the age of 95.

In this photo, left to right, we see Jack Schwencke, Charles Cunningham, and Albin R. Olsen.

Interestingly, many of Mr. Schwencke’s land deals were honored by a mere handshake.  That alone should tell you what a trustworthy man he was.  He served on the Village council with Albin R. Olsen, the Village’s very first manager.  For the following two decades, he was president of North Palm Beach Properties, and the managing partner of Northlake Properties, and Lake Park Development.  Mr. Schwencke operated and sold the North Palm Beach Country Club, as well as North Palm Beach Utilities.  He developed the Gemini and Aquarius condominiums, along with numerous other properties.

“When all is said and done, Jack was a decent man, a true gentleman, an ethical business partner, a loving husband, a fabulous father, a fun uncle and a devoted grandfather.  At one time, he was asked, ‘what were your greatest accomplishments in life?’ He named his children.” –from Jack Schwencke’s obituary.

Above, we see Charles Cunningham on the far right, with Jack Schwencke.  At the front, looking debonair and casual, is Dick Ross.  Behind him is his brother, Bob.  Both photos in this post were taken on February 19, 1958, at the North Palm Beach elementary school groundbreaking.  Please note: These photos are property of the Village of North Palm Beach.  Do not distribute.


15 thoughts on “Honoring Jack Schwencke

  1. Grew up playing football in the backyard of Mr Schwencke’s .The Kendall boys, Slyvesters (sp) T.Brown, B.Scott M. Anderson Boys. and others when we weren’t playing at N.P.B. Ele. school Had a lot of fun. Anyone remember Alma Beck and Bob Hill??

    1. Great story! My brothers, sister and I grew up in NPB as well. Great times, great memories! I certainly remember Alma Beck and Bobby Hill. Do you remember the 4th of July when everyone thought it was the finale until we saw Bobby Hill leap for safety?

      1. Thank you so much for your comment, Susan! I am sure the Village Historian would love to talk to you. Consider visiting the library and saying hello sometime. I manage this blog for her. Take care, and have a wonderful day.

      2. Hi Sue, I remember you. Your Brother, Mike, stopped by and told me about the site and I’ve been enjoying remembering all the good ole days.I think i commented on the time the Fireworks went bad. LUCKY NO one I know of was hurt. I don’t social network much but it just keeps growing..You were a Hornet too Right?? .

  2. My family was the 7th family to move into North Palm Beach. Our home was built by Kendall. 409 Ebbtide Drive. I was 7 years old. I became best friends with Albin Olson’s daughter Karen. She was 8 and I was 7. To this day we remain best friends. I also as a kid played with Patty Trapnell. Her Dad , Fred Trapnell was Manager of the utilities co. I also played at the Schwencke’s home. So much I remember growing up there. I sold the family home in 2004. Suzanne Odum Kirby

      1. My folks used to play the card game of bridge with Jack. I believe he was considered a master level player. I also remember the construction of his home, I believe it to be the only one in North Palm Beach with steel girders. They also had a drinking fountain by their screened in pool – very unusual for the day.

      2. Hi, Jim: Thanks for sharing that! Very cool! Just so you know, the Village Historian is available at the North Palm Beach library every Wednesday. I am sure she would appreciate you sharing that with her, if you get a chance to stop by. (I used to be the Village Historian.) I didn’t know that, about the house being the only one with steel girders. That’s very interesting. Thanks for commenting! –Rosa Sophia

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