North Palm Beach Public Library

Celebrate National Library Week

new bookcases delivered by mr gene armstrong 1964

Above: A truckload of bookcases for the “new” library location at the Winter Club, 1964

National Library Week is April 14th through the 20th. Today, I decided to celebrate by taking a look back at the beginnings of the North Palm Beach Library. Recently, I received a generous donation of three Library Society scrapbooks from the Friends of the Library, filled with great photographs!

A newspaper article from June of 1964 reads, “Energetic young women, members of the North Palm Beach branch of the American Association of University Women, started the North Palm Beach Public Library and are determined to make it the best around these here parts . . . . even if they have to do the hully gully to bring about!”

The ladies hosted a dance and buffet supper at the North Palm Beach Country Club to raise money for the library. In July of 1964, at the library’s location in the old North Palm Beach Country Club– the Winter Club building –the library had 3,700 books.

Today, at our present location on Anchorage Drive, we have roughly 43,000 items, three-quarters of which are books. That doesn’t include our electronic database of e-books, audio books, and, most recently, Nooks available for check-out. The world, and our library, has come a long way!

Below: Helping to prepare the new library at the Winter Club . . .

jaycees help prepare library sign 1964

Happy National Library Week!

Celebrate today by visiting and supporting your local library.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate National Library Week

    1. Hi Charlotte, there might be! I have scanned a lot of items, but I am not sure that I have a copy WITHOUT the photographs. If you would like me to make one available, I can certainly do that. I can look into it. Stop by and chat anytime! Have a great week. –Rosa

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