North Palm Beach history

1956 Parade of Homes

After the Village of North Palm Beach was incorporated on August 13, 1956, the construction and sale of homes within the Village began with the Parade of Homes.  Fifteen different builders constructed the first seventeen homes, which were open for viewing during the event.

Pictured above are some of the first homes built in the Village of North Palm Beach, after the Parade of Homes.  Families and individuals were also invited to plan their own homes.

Until a school was developed, North Palm kids were able to take the bus to the school in Lake Park.

The letter detailing the Parade of Homes (available at the library in the historian’s office) also states:

“The North Palm Beach Country Club will reopen for the season a semi-private course.  A well known golf course architect has been retained to redesign and rebuild the course, and this work will be started during the coming year.  Membership on a preferred basis will be offered Village residents.”

The growth of the Village was well underway.

Pictured above is the construction that took place prior to the Parade of Homes.

The exact location is uncertain, but the difference to present day is staggering.  And I can’t help but smile when I see the beautiful old cars on either side of the photograph.

All photos on this blog are available for viewing at the North Palm Beach Public Library, in the historian’s office. 


One thought on “1956 Parade of Homes

  1. The picture of the home under construction may be the one currently located at 403 Anchorage Lane. I see what appears to be the top of the old NPB water tower above the house on the left, which could mean the camera was facing West.

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