North Palm Beach Public Library

Friends of the North Palm Beach Library: We thank you!

By Ruby Lynn Holden, North Palm Beach Village Historian

On April 17, 2013, Rosa Sophia wrote an article for Looking Back highlighting the hard work of a group of young women, members of the then Library Society, in creating the North Palm Beach Library in 1964.

The  energetic and dedicated women who are members of the Friends of the Library were  very busy last week preparing for the Used Book Sale, held in the Obert Room, January 25 through the 29th. A very popular event in the community, folks were waiting to get in well before the 9:00 a.m. opening time, hoping to be first at the tables of their favorite genres.

The following makes clear how essential Friends of the Library fundraising is to the functioning of the library:

  • Children’s section: Summer Reading Program; Creativity items (Legos, Hot Wheels); display shelves.
  • Teenagers PS4 gaming system
  • Adult Crafts supplies
  • Computer Lab: update computers; bought new chairs.
  • Laptop for Circulation Desk
  • Purchased Nooks and Kindles and e-books for them
  • Anniversary Parade: all expenses for library float.
  • Miscellaneous book shelves. Over the years, the Friends of the Library purchased all the furniture in the children’s section.

Their other major fundraising event is the Bake Sale.

The Used Book Sale last week was very successful and the Friends of the Library generously shared their success with a $500 donation to the Village Historian’s office.

Thank you, Friends!


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