Weekly Reads

Weekly Reads: Growing Up in Northern Palm Beach County

Get a sense of what it was like in the 1960s and 70s in South Florida by reading Growing Up in Northern Palm Beach County: Boomer Memories from Dairy Belle to Double Roads by Ruth Hartman Berge.

517deirm7al-_sx331_bo1204203200_A childhood in Florida’s charming Northern Palm Beach County creates genuine nostalgia for sun, sand and running barefoot under palm trees. Those memories include hurricanes and Hetzel Brothers Christmases, Sir Harry Oakes’s haunted mansion and James Munroe Munyon’s Fountain of Youth. The once quaint little coastal towns from Riviera Beach to Jupiter are now much larger, but the memories of s’mores and summer camps remain. Author Ruth Hartman Berge weaves memories of a boomer childhood in Northern Palm Beach County with the history of the people and the places so many loved in this glimpse into a Florida that no longer exists.

This is a charming and fun book, complete with photographs. Each chapter is reminiscent of a short personal essay focused on a different place or memory of Palm Beach County as it once was.

Ruth discusses both historical topics and personal memories, including the Jupiter Lighthouse, the Kelsey City gates, and even the famed ghost story of the old Oakes mansion (also known as the Winter Club) in the Village of North Palm Beach. The book follows personal memories, and it’s also a well-researched and captivating read.

Growing Up in Northern Palm Beach County will resonate with readers who’ve also grown up in the area, while the book will also be illuminating and informative for those who are unfamiliar with local history.

Ask for it in your local library!


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