Weekly Reads

Weekly Reads: Tucked Between the Pages of Time

This week, Looking Back recommends Tucked Between the Pages of Time: A History of Lake Park and Environs by Dorothy Borden Gooding.

41-ivmgmisl-_sx373_bo1204203200_This book is available at North Palm Beach Public Library and gives readers a look into the past of Lake Park (once called Kelsey City).

It’s a fantastic read if you can get hold of it, but it’s currently out of print.

The author does a wonderful job of describing the area as it once appeared, such as when Prosperity Farms Road ran through the area of Prosperity Farms, farmland on both sides of the Intracoastal. She even compares the area to “present day,” and even though she is referring to the late 1980s, it is still a wonderful perspective. Those who have lived in the area for a long time will likely be able to make connections between the landmarks that Ms. Gooding discusses in relation to what was there prior.

Every town should have a book similar to this about its history.

Ask for it at your local library!


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