North Palm Beach Country Club

North Palm Beach to build new clubhouse

By Ruby Lynn Holden, North Palm Beach Village Historian

Pictured above is the intended design of the new building. More photographs of the planned clubhouse are available at the North Palm Beach Public Library.

In January 2016, after the regular Village Council meeting, a discussion was held as to the look of the new clubhouse. Architect Brian Idle provided projected costs for all the amenities, an overview of potential revenue and progress to date.

Residents expressed a strong desire for a gathering place with a community feel, and many wanted a gym or fitness center.

Of course there were those who object to the project; one op-ed piece suggested that the new multi-million dollar clubhouse will be competing with private enterprise with its restaurant and fitness center. Others complain that it is an unnecessary extravagance.

Temporary structures will provide for the restaurant and clubhouse while the razing and construction are underway.

Click here to read about the history of the North Palm Beach Country Club and its beginnings. The original building that housed the country club was torn down in the 1980s; the opening ceremony for the current clubhouse was held in 1963.


2 thoughts on “North Palm Beach to build new clubhouse

  1. The present clubhouse has been proven to be a money loser which poorly serves golfers and other users of the recreation facilities, plus those of us who want to enjoy the bar/restaurant in the evening (which seems to be closed most of the time), so why not build a new facility in order to lose even more taxpayer dollars?

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