Weekly Reads

Weekly Reads: The Winter Sailor

Each week, I’ll share a book I recommend. Let us know in the comments if you have any of your own recommendations!

winter-sailorThis week, my suggestion is The Winter Sailor: Francis R. Stebbins on Florida’s Indian River, 1878 – 1888, edited by Carolyn Baker Lewis. It’s available on Amazon from Fire Ant Books.

From the back of the book: The Winter Sailor is a historical adventure that details the yearly winter travels of Francis R. Stebbins to Florida’s Indian River. Stebbins, a writer from Michigan, visited Florida in March of 1878 and became entranced by its pristine beauty. Subsequently, Stebbins and his traveling companions made annual visits to Indian River—until 1888 when tragedy struck and ended Stebbins’ yearly journeys.

This is a really wonderful glimpse into the past. What I love most is the simplicity of Stebbins’s writing, and how well he describes what he saw while traveling through the state. This is ideal for anyone who is curious what Florida was like after the Seminole Wars, but before the state became completely settled.

Ask for it at your local library!



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