Parker Bridge

The Parker Bridge in North Palm Beach, named for Mr. Parker

Looking Back is available as a printed newsletter at the North Palm Beach Library, where another resident picked up a copy and offered valuable information regarding the Parker Bridge. Later, I realized I already had some of that information, but the resident was able to offer something the archives couldn’t– contact with a member of the Parker family, North Palm Beach’s first pioneer family to live on the mainland year round. I hope that this contact will be able to offer even more information for our archives, and I’m quite excited about it.

That being said, thank you to all who were interested in helping me find more information regarding the Parker Bridge. It is this community’s interest and dedication to preserving our history that keeps my office afloat. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

From the North Palm Beach 50th Anniversary Booklet:

The Parker drawbridge was completed in 1926. Our first pioneer family to live year round on the mainland in the Village of NPB were the Parker family. The county built his house on stilts just east of the bridge. The bridge was named after Mr. Parker because he was our first full-time bridge tender and was on duty 24 hours a day. The house was later abandoned.

I am also proud to say that a search on Google for the history of the Parker Bridge turns up only one link– this one. I’m so glad to be able to offer this information to those interested.


One thought on “The Parker Bridge in North Palm Beach, named for Mr. Parker

  1. Both above and below the bridge and east of the bridge are two islands. The Country Club addition of North Palm Beach and the Yacht Club addition are both located on an island with the Earman river bridge, Lighthouse bridge and Parker bridge connection it to the mainland, and north of the bridge is another island so technically “mainland” does not apply in Parker’s case.

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