Working with photographs

In the 1960s, someone thought it would be a great idea to make a scrapbook of photographs and news clippings that follows the history of the Library Society here in North Palm Beach. It was a great idea, but now the scrapbook is deteriorating. In order to make sure we have more than one copy, I’ve been scanning it into the computer. Soon it will be available online and viewable for anyone who is interested. Scrapbooks are a lot of fun, but I will admit I’m none too pleased with how they were once put together.

With five or six photographs layered over each other on one page, I wondered how I could scan each one into the computer. One was almost completed covered by other photos. Normally, I try not to mess with these things. It involves undoing the setting, gluing, and sticky-laminating that was done years and years ago. Maybe it looked nice then, but with the oxidizing process and the fact that the laminate– or tape, or whatever it is –has become wrinkled and strange looking over time, makes the scrapbook a less appealing thing to look at. And it makes one wonder what’s happening to these photographs, which would have been in much better condition had they not been glued and taped to construction paper.

I didn’t think it would work, but I somehow managed to peel away this tape-laminate– I’m really not sure what to call it –and I was able to salvage the photographs. Thanks to the painstaking process of undoing what was done in the 1960s, we now have a full view of Helen and Bill S., which was taken at the Halloween Masquerade Frolic in 1964 to benefit the North Palm Beach Public Library:

helen and bill schick


2 thoughts on “Working with photographs

  1. That’s Mrs. Schlick! My favorite art teacher at Benjamin’s, my Girl Scout leader, and mom of my classmate Diana! Such a wonderful, talented, great lady!

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