Paris Singer

The Empty Hotel

Paris Singer, for whom Singer Island is named, enlisted the help of Addison Mizner to design buildings such as the Everglades Club.  Mizner’s work was so impressive that Singer went into a contract with him, stating that he was to design and construct buildings only for the Palm Beach area.  Addison Mizner’s work was both beautiful and highly influential in South Florida.

Singer had a dream of building two fantastic hotels on the piece of land he owned; Mizner was charged with the task of designing the first hotel, the Blue Heron.  Singer’s impatience caused him to jump ahead too soon, and he quickly began construction before Mizner had a chance to start his plans.

Florida’s bust in the late 1920s, as well as the 1928 hurricane, destroyed Singer’s dreams.  No one ever stayed in the Blue Heron Hotel, and it was demolished after fourteen years.

For more information, visit the Village Historian’s office and the Florida Room at the North Palm Beach Library.


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