North Palm Beach history

“Veteran resident writes history to mark NPB’s 25th anniversary”

William Young was the second official historian for North Palm Beach.  In an article published in 1981 in The Evening Times, Mr. Young was interviewed about the short history that he wrote to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of North Palm Beach.

The booklet was entitled “The 25th Anniversary of the Village of North Palm Beach — An Official History” and could be purchased for three dollars from the library as well as through local bookstores.

According to the article that discusses Mr. Young’s contributions, he was “among the first elected officials that governed the village after developers turned council seats over to residents.”

The booklet, available for viewing at the office of the Village Historian, includes early history, the Big Boom, the Big Bust, the formation of the Village, the dredging of the canals, utilities, the bank, police, firemen, recreation, schools and more.

Mr. Young was quoted as saying, “It’s a clean village and it’s intelligently run . . . North Palm Beach is pretty built out now.  It’s just about filled, you might say.  There’s room for a few more apartments and a few more stores, but that’s about all.”

What do you think?

Quotes and information retrieved from the article entitled “Veteran resident writes history to mark NPB’s 25th anniversary”, by Staff Writer Carol Carnevale, published on 6/4/1981 in The Evening Times.

Images for this post were taken from the front cover of the History booklet, and the newspaper article.


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