North Palm Beach history

“NPB Prepares for Gigantic Tencennial”

In January of 1967, the Village of North Palm Beach honored its first families during the tencennial celebration.

“The big special issue (of the Palm Beach County Sun Press) will carry photo features on all facets of the famous NPB Country Club, including its colorful history and beginning as the estate of Sir Harry Oakes, meteoric growth of the village under the stimulus of John D. MacArthur, creation of the community’s beautiful Northlake Blvd. under the guidance of Palm Beach County Commissioner E.F. Van Kessel, the further development of the Northlake Blvd. area as a new “business center” of the northern Palm Beaches, the annual — and now world famous — PGA National Golf Team Championship at lovely Palm Beach Gardens.” (Walrad, PBC Sun Press, Inc., December 29, 1966).

Mayor Thomas Lewis introduced the first residents at the Pioneer Luncheon.  The guest speaker was none other than Theodore Pratt, author of The Barefoot Mailman.

Around this time in December of 1966, North Palm Beach was preparing for a most exciting celebration.  At 8:00 A.M. on Friday, January 13, 1967, church bells rang, and sirens went off for a total of three minutes.

There was a boat and car show in the lot of the First American Bank, and a parade beginning at ten that morning.  The high school band concert was at eleven.  At twelve, the Pioneer Luncheon began, and Mr. Pratt was introduced.

That afternoon, there was fun for everyone: golf matches, swimming, a teen-age golf match, a surfing contest, the library book fair and library open house, and a cocktail party and award dinner in the evening.

To the left are portions of newspaper articles of the time.  Above, see Mayor Thomas Lewis’ proclamation concerning North Palm Beach’s tenth birthday on October 24, 1966, and his declaration of the chosen celebration days.

To the left is a blurb about the Village Manager of the time, Joe J. Eassa.  Below is a picture of North Palm Beach’s very first resident, Doctor Eric Obert.

The newspaper articles and photos were scanned from the Tencennial collection scrapbook, available for further viewing at the Village Historian’s office at the North Palm Beach Library.


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